Automobile Accident

A car accident is something that we know can happen any time we get into a car. We hear of wrecks on the morning news. We see fender-benders on the evening commute. We use the event of a car accident as a measuring rod on how safe another activity is, like flying on a plane, or how likely an event is to occur, like being struck by lightning. We know that an accident can happen, but do we know what to do once it does? Consider the following:

DUI Trouble

One of the most dangerous things a reasonable person can do is to drive drunk. A DUI can not only result in physical harm to you or others, it can destroy your reputation, your savings, and so much more. Mistakes in judgment do happen though; we are human after all. If you are pulled over by the police try to keep the following in mind:

EB-5 Is Booming

According to the Regional Center Business Journal, EB-5 is stronger than ever. Since 2008, the program has surged in popularity. In an article written by IIUSA Policy Analyst Lee Li, he describes how six data points demonstrate how successful EB-5 has become.

Signs of Elder Abuse

The quality of nursing and retirement homes varies, just like anything else in society. Some nursing homes are beacons of compassion; a safe harbor where our loved ones can live out their twilight years in comfort and peace. But too often we hear of elder abuse: abusive nursing staff, deteriorating facilities, and unsanitary living conditions.

Fall Away From Home

Gravity. Our nemesis ever since our first steps, gravity has tried to keep us down our entire lives. But each morning we get out of bed and stand up in defiance to gravity. We go about our daily business without much thought of the eternal force weighing us down. That is until our feet betray us and down we fall. Whether it's a slippery floor, a vacuum cord, or an uneven step, occasionally we fall victim to gravity's embrace.

Dog Attacks and What to Do

Many of us are dog lovers. We just cannot resist the urge to approach a dog we see in public. We see dogs in parks, on front lawns, on sidewalks walking their owners (who really owns whom?). But all of us, dog lover or not, have at least once in our lives been intimidated or threatened by man's best friend. And an unlucky few of us have been victims of dog attacks. We walk down a street, turn a corner, and come face to face with a snarling, growling canine. What do we do?

Burglary, Theft or Robbery

Burglary and burglar. Theft and thief. Robbery and robber. We have all seen and heard these terms before, either on the news, in books (do people still read for fun anymore?) or in movies. For example:

The Secret Is Out on EB-5

It should come as no surprise that Chinese nationals make up the vast majority of EB-5 visa recipients. After all, China has the largest population in the world with over 1.3 billion citizens. In fiscal year 2014, Chinese immigrants received 9,128 out of the 10,692 visas issued. Rounding out the Top 5 were South Korea (225), Mexico (129), Taiwan (126) and Vietnam (121). Russia was the only other nation to receive more than 100 visas.

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