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Breathalyzer results are often inaccurate

Manufacturers say they are accurate to the third decimal point. Police and prosecutors say they provide definite proof of whether or not a driver is drunk. And the law in Washington state trusts them so much that it takes away your driver's license if you refuse to...

Who Is Responsible For A Dog Bite?

Animals are friendly creatures, especially dogs, but when aggravated, they can become unpredictable, which could lead to vicious attacks. Dog attacks can lead to unfortunate circumstances, such as infections and even chronic diseases. Knowing what to do if attacked by...


We defend people from crimes such as marijuana growth and distribution, DUI, white collar crimes, robbery and assault, domestic violence, as well as crimes affecting immigration status and deportation.


We can assist you with forfeiture cases when you've been accused of illegal activity and the government seizes your assets. We also represent breach of contract and tort claims.


We handle deportation and criminal cases. Our immigration attorneys have the experience to solve complex visa issues, focusing on business and investor immigration concerns.


We represent people injured by the negligent acts of others, including motor vehicle accidents, sex abuse such as human trafficking, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases.