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A simple slip and fall at work, the grocery store, in a parking lot, or on someone else’s property could turn into you suffering chronic injuries and having to pay extensive medical bills.

Negligence on behalf of property or business owners could leave victims unable to work. Winters in Seattle causes more concerns as the snow makes the roads and sidewalks extremely slippery. Understanding what follows a slip and fall injury could help you figure out how to proceed with your case.

How is fault determined?

When it comes to determining fault in a premise liability case, the State of Washington relies on comparative negligence. Comparative negligence is where the plaintiff or person injured and filing the lawsuit have some fault in their injury. It could mean that both the property owner and the plaintiff are at fault for the incident. For example, the property owner did not put up signage, but the danger was obvious and partly occurred due to the plaintiff’s negligence.

Based on this rule, the compensation amount awarded will reduce for the plaintiff to the percentage of fault they carry.

Are documents needed?

To receive compensation, you must provide enough evidence to show that the property owner did not take the right safety measures. Your lawyer will help you get all the documents together and request the necessary receipts for work done to ensure safety.

Collecting evidence, reporting the incident to the property owner, taking pictures of your injuries and the unsafe scene and keeping records for hospital visits, will help build your case.

Statute of Limitations

According to the Revised Code of Washington section 4.16.080, those injured on someone else’s property, have up to three years after the incident to file a claim. It’s vital to start a case early to avoid dismissal.

Understanding the factors behind slip and fall injury cases could help you and your attorney decide whether you want to file a personal injury claim or an insurance claim to receive the compensation you deserve.


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