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Animals are friendly creatures, especially dogs, but when aggravated, they can become unpredictable, which could lead to vicious attacks. Dog attacks can lead to unfortunate circumstances, such as infections and even chronic diseases.

Knowing what to do if attacked by a dog could help to relieve some of the stress. Below are some of the first few steps to take.

Get medical help

Whether you’re out on a run or in your yard, you should seek medical attention immediately after an attack. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think the bite isn’t severe enough; it is vital to seek medical assistance as bites can lead to bacterial infection or worse. Dog bites that expose the bone can lead to symptoms, such as having a fever or feeling faint.

Obtain the necessary records

After you’ve treated your wound or are in the process of getting assistance, it is vital to check the medical records of the dog. This can help doctors treat your wounds better by knowing what injections or sickness the dog might have. Having the records on hand will also help in your claim for compensation.

Who pays for a dog bite?

In the state of Washington, the responsibility of a dog bite falls on the owner. Washington is a “strict liability” state, which means that if a person’s dog attacks someone, they are legally responsible for paying for any expenses the victim will have incurred. These expenses can range anywhere from medical bills to lost wages.

It’s important to be careful around dogs as their actions could be unpredictable. Keeping away could help you or someone you know to avoid this unfortunate circumstance. However, some events are unforeseen, so it’s crucial to get help right away and make sure you are compensated for your injuries.


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