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On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Firm News

Seattle is considered a “walking city,” but is it really that safe for pedestrians? In the bustling city of significant businesses, hospitals, and tourist attractions, pedestrians might find it challenging to stay safe as they maneuver their way across the city.

Following the rules and being cautious could help pedestrians avoid injuries, but that won’t fully protect them from someone else’s negligence. Reckless motorists could leave injured victims unable to work with medical bills piling up. Pedestrians need to be aware of the steps they should take after an accident. Some of these include:

Getting medical help

Whether the injuries were severe enough to call an ambulance or seemed minor, it is imperative to have a medical doctor examine your body for wounds. The main reason for this is because most injuries don’t show up until months after an accident. It’s also vital to get accurate documentation. Without documentation, filing a claim could get tricky.

Calling the authorities

If your injuries weren’t severe enough to call 911 for an ambulance, it is still crucial to contact the local police station to get a report filed right away. Most districts will not let you make a statement after a certain amount of time has passed. By submitting a report immediately, you get documentation to hold the driver responsible. Getting the police involved and keeping the driver at the scene could help to reduce blame, misunderstandings and serve in your best interests in the long run.

Filing a personal injury claim

After your medical examination, it is vital to assess the financial costs your injuries have accrued. After talking with your personal injury lawyer, you would need to decide if you want to pursue a claim against the reckless driver’s insurance company. If you do choose to file a claim, having all your documentation in place is critical.

Accidents caused by reckless drivers can bring stress into someone’s life. Knowing which areas accidents are more likely to happen could help pedestrians to reduce their chances of being injured. Pedestrians are more at risk when crossing the street, walking in areas with no traffic controls and walking near roads with speeds higher than 30 mph.

Although frustrating and scary, injured pedestrians should try their best to stay calm and follow all the steps correctly to ensure they receive the maximum amount of compensation they deserve.


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