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Domestic violence and assault are serious criminal charges that involve physical violence against another member of your household. This can include spouses, children, roommates and significant others who share a residence. Penalties vary depending upon the severity of injuries, the presence of minors and whether this was a first-time or repeated offense. If you are charged, Lee & Lee, PS‘s capable legal team can provide the qualified representation that you need to address your charges and protect your future.

If you are charged with domestic violence, call our office in Downtown Seattle at 206-395-5485 to schedule a case consultation with our proven trial attorneys.

In-Depth Understanding Of The Prosecution

Several of the attorneys at Lee & Lee, PS, previously served as county prosecutors. Attorney Risa Woo spent 12 years in the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and acted as the senior deputy prosecutor. Due to this extensive experience, our legal team understands how the prosecution operates and how to formulate a strong criminal defense strategy on your behalf.

Violating A Protection Order

Domestic abuse charges may be exacerbated if you additionally violated a protection order. Depending upon the circumstances, you may face additional misdemeanor charges, felony charges or be found in contempt of court. Lee & Lee, PS, will carefully evaluate your situation to identify opportunities to lessen your penalties and uncover a more favorable case outcome. Our main goal is to avoid felony charges and jail time.

Contact Us To Work With Proven Trial Lawyers

If you are charged with domestic abuse, especially if this is a repeat offense, you require the representation of a proven trial lawyer. Call our capable legal team at 206-395-5485 to discuss the circumstances surrounding your charges. You may also contact our Washington firm online.