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Lee & Lee, PS, defends Washington residents from serious drug possession and trafficking charges. Possible repercussions vary depending upon the substance in question, quantity in possession and the charged individual’s intended actions. Several of our lawyers previously served as county prosecutors. We understand how the prosecution thinks and how to defend against their arguments before they are made.

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Comprehensive Defense Against Drug Charges

Our firm can address all types of serious drug possession, trafficking and related charges. We regularly represent individuals involved with all manner of drugs, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamines
  • Prescription drugs

With a strong background in immigration law, we also regularly assist immigrants facing criminal charges and serious concerns, including deportation.

Dispelling Marijuana Law Misconceptions

While marijuana use is legal in Washington, there are many misconceptions about growing and selling cannabis that can lead to unexpected, yet serious, criminal charges. While you are free to purchase marijuana from licensed dispensaries, you may not personally grow marijuana for consumption. This differs from the laws of several other cannabis-friendly states that do allow individuals to grow marijuana. Additionally, anyone in possession of over an ounce of marijuana can face fines as well as jail time.

Unfortunately, ignorance is not a suitable defense from criminal charges. If you have been charged with unlawful marijuana possession or distribution, our experienced defense attorneys can work with you to formulate a strong case to mitigate your possible penalties.

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Our lawyers are proven litigators and seasoned negotiators. We can strongly defend your case in local, state and municipal courts or through alternative dispute resolution.